Vegie Gardens, Garden Beds and Sand Pits

MODULAR CONCRETE SLEEPERS can be configured to fit any shape and size required.

MODULAR CONCRETE SLEEPERS are available in a variety of colours and patterns and you will always find a style to blend in with your existing dwelling and surrounds.

MODULAR CONCRETE SLEEPERS will enhance your general layout and give the impression of a well planned and maintained garden.

MODULAR CONCRETE SLEEPERS are easy to install as garden edgings and require no nuts, bolts or screws.

Colours and patterns available as per our Colour Wheel.

Talk about "stand up" about a "two high" garden bed which is ideal for those gardeners with back problems.

Your garden bed will never rot, warp or become infested with white ants.

Each sleeper features precise dimensions so your garden bed will always look neat and professionally built.

Modular Concrete Sleepers are environmentally friendly and will blend in with all surrounds and of course always totally maintenance free.