About Us

Modular Concrete Sleepers was founded in Seymour in Regional Victoria.  Initially the business was known as Seymour Mini-Mix and Concrete Products but in 1995 it branched out and began manufacturing a range of concrete sleepers. These modular products have proven to be very popular both in the home maintenance area and in the commercial sector.

Over the past 30 years, we have seen a huge change in the industry and now believe that concrete sleepers are the future for retaining walls, garden beds and edgings.  Modular Concrete Sleepers has developed a range of colours and patterns for these concrete sleepers along with the corners/joiners required to complete each project.  When building a retaining wall, often steel is required which can also be provided by Modular Concrete Sleepers so a complete package is available to either the home handyman or the large commercial developer.

Since industry focus is now strongly on concrete sleepers, the business has expanded rapidly over the past ten years and, in order to maintain the level of production required to fulfil orders, a new production facility of 276 square metres has recently been completed at the Seymour plant.  This expansion allows the business to provide a more efficient method of production along with an increased capacity for sleepers and associated products.

Modular Concrete Sleepers has featured at several field days which are attended by many thousands of people from all over Australia.  Our products have always proven to be very popular with a wide variety of people and this is testament to the large number of orders received from  visitors to these events.

Our business has grown steadily over the years due to public demand for our high quality products. The current owners of Modular Concrete Sleepers are dedicated to continuing manufacturing excellence and to producing the full range of concrete products.